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Elemental Productions’ upcoming film, Bitter Honey, is a really important movie for the Balinese because it gives a critique to their own culture and tradition. Tourism uses Balinese culture and tradition as a tool to invite tourists to come to Bali, and so it must be preserved. Since paket liburan the Balinese depend on cultural tourism economically, culture ends up being neutral from criticism. Since tradition is "holy," the Balinese must preserve it. From this movie bromo I can learn that we do not only preserve the balinese dance, rituals, and gamelan. We also preserve the patriarchy culture. Woman suffer alot for the discourse of preservation.
From this movie I learned that karimunjawa the tourism infrastructures do not only include travel guide books, hotel advertisements and beautiful tourist facilities. I learned that patriarchy is another tourist infrastructures. I saw many ritual images throughout the film. It made me think that when women depend too much on God, it is a sign they are "alone in the world" because society and the State discriminate against them. Tourism benefits from this situation because the image of Bali as a ritual island supports the exoticism of Bali.

karimunjawaLegian tourist attraction in Bali is very well known to foreign karimunjawa countries, is located on the north beach of Kuta. Legian Beach In Indonesia, a name that foreigners often use, to name Legian beach. Legian a tourist area in Bali that is not too broad, but in the whole area of ​​Legian Bali, all located on the beach. Legian Bali region, stretching from Jl. Melasti to Jl. Arjuna. The majority of well-known hotel in Legian Bali tourist attractions, located on the beach.
At the beach What to Visit on Vacation In Bali
Many tour and travel magazine wrote, Bali Legian beach one of the beaches that should be visited, during a vacation in Bali than Kuta beach. Legian Beach also offers health insurance that is very easy for shopping and there are many bars around Legian beach.
Significant differences from coast to coast Legian Kuta Bali. In the Legian beach, giving the impression of the resort and is more suitable for you who are not too fond of crowds and want to relax on the beach. In contrast to Kuta Bali that every day is always crowded.
The range of hotels and restaurants in Legian tourist attraction in Bali, almost equal to the area of ​​Kuta beach attractions. Offers a much more competitive price than the tourist attractions in Bali others. One of the hotels that may be suitable for you is Padma Resort Bali at Legian.
Legian Beach also has white sand, the same as Bali Kuta beach and relatively quiet compared with Bali Kuta beach. In Bali Legian tourist attractions, most travelers are foreign tourists dominate, especially tourists from Australia.
Many Australian tourists choose Legian Bali tourist spots, because so many of the inn or hotel that offers the rental price relative cheap. Beside Legian Bali tourist spots there are plenty of places for night life, such as discos, night clubs, pubs.
Location Legian Bali Tourism Object South
If you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport, only takes 30 minutes. Just as the tourist attractions in southern Bali others, the road to the area of ​​Legian beach very often congested. To obtain the location of Legian beach, please use this map by clicking on the link, Map Location Legian Beach.

To surround the area of ​​tourism in Bali Legian there are many ways you can do such as:
1. Walking
To be able to browse Legian in Bali tourist attraction freely, walking is the best way. Obviously if you do not hurry up and like walking.
2. Rent Motorcycles
For those of you who do not like walking, rent a motorcycle one of the options that you can use, to surround the area of ​​tourism in Bali Legian. Motorcycle rental places in the area there are many attractions in Bali Legian. Rental prices ranging from Rp 50,000 / bike for 24 hours.
3. Car Rental With Driver In Bali
For those of you who do not stay in the area of ​​tourism in Bali Legian, best transportation means that you can use is to use the services of car rental with driver in Bali. There is a reason why we recommend to use the driver when renting a car, instead of asking you to use the services of car rental without driver.